Our Team



Francesca Cohn, aka Frankie , founded BLT recruiting in 2008. Before that she had some grand adventures in advertising including the launch of one of the first digital advertising teams at Team One, serving Lexus, HP, and Air New Zealand. Earlier in her career she was known for producing some of the most memorable commercials at TBWA Chiat/Day for iconic brands such as Apple, Nike, and Pizza Hut.  She takes great pride in her two children – a strategic planner who recently graduated from VCU Brandcenter and a UX strategist who just completed studies at Hyper Island. When not working, Frankie can be found backpacking with her amazing husband.  She believes the name BLT evokes an idea far greater than the simple ingredients that comprise a captivating sandwich.


Allyson Nevil has worked as a producer both in the trenches and during post production, with companies such as Method, MPC, and Warner Bros.  She has worked on everything from Superbowl spots to episodic dramas with political intrigue.  Allyson’s middle name is “Mayo”, so it’s rather clear what she believes is the most important part of any BLT.


Andrea Andrews is within 6 degrees of everyone in advertising.  She has served as an Executive Producer, an Independent Rep, and Head of Sales/Marketing for very prominent bi-coastal production and post-production companies. Being a vegetarian, Andrea thinks there are a multitude of delicious ingredients that can go in a BLT, but hold the bacon. Delectable alternatives can be found everywhere, just like her connections around the world.


Andrea Stern has had a successful career guiding branding initiatives for clients such as NBC, CBS, Disney, Sony, Discovery and HBO. She has had the pleasure of representing and Exec/Producing for award winning motion design firms and Creative Directors. Andrea, a born team builder and people person, reminds us that you can’t leave it all up to the bacon. The ultimate BLT sandwich requires that every ingredient be outstanding, just like a great team.


Glen Beer is a serial entrepreneur.  He derives much personal satisfaction sharing his financial wisdom and experience with a company that treasures creativity. When not providing advice about financial matters, Glen can be typically found gardening or cooking.  He raises all of our company tomatoes and turns out some spectacular weekly lunches. 


Kathy McGoff has racked up Cannes Awards producing commercials at BBDO for Apple, Round Up, and Sheba. Once her shelves became filled with awards she set out to help find talent good enough to fill her shoes.  She uses her team building and advertising know how to wrangle the perfect strategists and creatives. Kathy hails from Atlanta and swears by combining sweet tomato jam with house pickled green tomatoes to create a scrumptious BLT.


Karen Smith made a name for herself as a go-to producer at Team One Advertising as well as Dailey and Associates. Her talent for delivering award-winning ads for big brands, like Lexus and Safeway, earned her respect from both the creative and account management departments. It’s no surprise that a top post-production company later recruited Karen as their Managing Director. She understands the importance of subtleties in a BLT sandwich. The condiments can never be neglected.


Susan O’Neal brings a background in VFX commercial and features production with a focus on creating the perfect team. She has worked with great VFX houses like Method, The Mill, and Digital Domain. According to Susan, the world’s largest BLT, at 108 feet long, was made at the Sonoma County Tomato Festival in 2003. No one saved Susan a bite. However, she remains undeterred in her efforts to recreate that same sandwich by sourcing high quality ingredients – similar to the methods she continually uses to source the perfect candidates.


Stephanie is the in-house Sourcing Manager, the head liaison between researchers and recruiters. A SoCal native with a passion for exploring the world, she hails from Westminster College with a degree in cultural studies. Spice is her vice and although BLT’s are great nothing beats Tortas de Milanesa, straight from Abuela’s kitchen.


Sun Park, aka Sunny, grew up running his own restaurant business in the busy streets of NYC.  As a recruiter, Sunny is always thinking outside of the box, finding creative ways to connect talent with ad agencies big and small.  Sunny’s version of the perfect BLT has become our favorite – grilled Korean pork belly folded into lettuce wraps, no tomato, and a good book on the side. (An original off his menu.)


With over 20 years of strategic marketing expertise, Liza’s multi-faceted background has led to leadership roles at large advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies and an entertainment/content studio. Her experience spans quite a few industries, having worked on global advertising campaigns, branded content and digital entertainment series for brands such as:  ABC TV, AT&T, Atari, Disney, General Mills, Facebook, Frito Lay, Intel, Kleenex, Lexus, Machinima, Pepsi, Sony Electronics, Toyota, THQ, Walgreens and Walmart. She’s a big picture thinker and business strategist with proven success in building a company and developing teams. According to Liza, any BLT is just fine as long as it’s served with a glass of red wine.


Cynthia Jacobsen’s background in creative has proven invaluable in recognizing and managing creative talent. At Tequila\TBWA\Chiat/Day she made the flip from art direction to resource management and recruitment. Cynthia fine tuned her skills at Razorfish, Trailer Park and Fullscreen. Cynthia believes like talent, great BLTs can be found anywhere, you just need to know where to look. She resides in Bend Oregon, where you might find her floating down the Deschutes whilst sipping a bacon infused vodka martini – a bacony slice of heaven.